My keto experience

What do I know about keto?

Well my experience with keto starts about two years ago when a friend introduced me to the keto diet that she was going to embark on. I did not trust her idea of eating mostly fat and moderate protein and no carbs. My friend is a person who often tries out new fads so I wasn’t so sure that this one was going to work out. She surprised me though when she began losing lots of weight while also being able to accomplish so much more in her day.

After seeing a drastic change in her I begin to do my own research in possibly trying keto diet for myself. I didn’t have very much of a poor self-image and I didn’t really feel too much of a desire to push myself to diet. However when I hit 188 lb I I knew that if I got to 200 things were going to get hard. 


After a while of research I decided I would try 30 days of Keto. After 30 days of Keto other friends saw a difference in me and wanted to know more about it so we begin researching together and I kept encouraging them. My daughter also wanted to give keto a try. So 30 days turned into 60 days which turned into 90 days. After this I have done keto on and off to help maintain. During that time I helped my daughter to eat strictly Keto for 30 days. My daughter lost 16 lb. I also help my husband later on a 30-day keto challenge and he lost 16 lbs. After about 5 and half months of keto I lost about 30 lbs on and off. My lowest wieght being 154 lbs.

Feb. 2019 my lowest being in june

Since then I have gone off the keto diet and I’m now on a regular carb diet. I didn’t want to be restricted during the holidays and I’m certainly paying for it as I have gained a little over 10 lb over the past two months. I’ve also lost a lot of energy and mental clarity. Which is why I have decided in 2020 I would get back to the keto diet. 

I am not a doctor, dietitian, or nutritionist. I am just a person that is trying to do efficient research for myself and for those around me. I have talked with many people who started doing keto and then found out that it didn’t work for them. Some I know can’t do keto because of hormonal imbalance. I have also had friends who have started keto and were taking diabetic medication. They no longer have to take those medications because they’ve stabilized their insulin levels, and they are much healthier now. If you begin to have health problems I would advise you to see a nutritionist physician for guidance. Please be sure to do your own research and to listen to your own body when embarking on any new diet, including this keto diet.

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