Keto shopping essentials

Bella here,

So today I thought I would talk about some pantry basic to help enable success. These items are probably in the cabinet or fridge of most who have a keto lifestyle.

We can’t start keto like this

I do want to precursor that I do dirty keto…meaning I do eat low carb wraps and do incorporate a lot of dairy products. Dirty keto basically means that you are adhering to a high fat, moderate protein, low carb diet but without having any restriction as long as I stay under about 45 carbs. Some people can’t handle dairy and they say they can not lose weight while eating too much dairy. That’s ok do what works for you. I’ m just sharing what I do.

Sorry for the side tangent.


Pantry basics:

Almond flour 

coconut flour 


avocado oil 

coconut oil



sausage or ground pork

salmon can be canned

beef ( ground)


shredded cheese mozzarella or cheddar preferably 

pork rinds 


almond milk unsweetened vanilla or plain cauliflower rice 

vegetables such as spinach kale broccoli cucumber celery mushroom green peppers zucchini

heavy whipping cream 

low-carb tortillas 

cream cheese 

sour cream 

bacon or bacon bits that are real bacon (check nutrition for carbs)


nuts almonds (whatever your favorite kind is I like to get wasabi almonds )


sugar-free maple syrup 

baking powder 

breyers low carb ice cream 

no sugar ketchup 

sugar-free BBQ sauce 

mozzarella sticks 


ranch powder or looking up recipe for homemade ranch keto style 

sandwich meat

salt Himilayian preferably

Gatorade electrolytes with potassium

No salt works as will (potassium supplement)

This is mostly it, however there are probably a few things missing.

Next blog post will talk about a few things you should know about keto before getting started.

If there are any item’s I have missed that you love. Leave me a comment. I’d love to hear from you.

2 thoughts on “Keto shopping essentials”

  1. Yes. Yes. Good list. Veggies are very important too. Lots and Lots of veggies! Gotta get as many good vitamin K, and A to support our immune system. 2 things we spill right off as our body purged the extra fluid that is built up in our system just so happens to be very important to our heart and mind- magnesium, and potassium. Not trying to over load here. 😬

    1. Hehe😄 Thank for sharing the information… We need to be as informed as possible when beginning our keto journey.

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