Keto day 5

Today started off not so good. I went to bed feeling sick and then woke up feeling sick. I woke up a took some oregano oil. I got a cup of coffee. I went to blow my nose and as I putting down my tissue it slipped from my hand right into my coffee.

Great its gonna be one of those kind of days.

I had to start the day all over with a new cup of coffee.

Anyways nothing really great or exciting happened. Except I did finish a book. I made a book review in a different blog post. Everything I had to do took me forever to get done. However I did get around to making myself some bone broth that I had saved from Thanksgiving. I made some eggs for brunch.

Eventually I got around to making dinner.

Keto Crunchwrap

Below are nutrition facts

I do think that I’m in ketosis now because I’m hardly ever hungry. I do not think that I have the keto flu honestly I think I just caught a cold. Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you on Keto day 6.

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