Day two of my keto diet

Today I was starting to get hungry pretty early around 9:30. I held off till about 10 to eat breakfast. I had a veggie egg omelette which is what I generally eat almost everyday for breakfast during keto diet.

There are days when I do splurge and have biscuits and gravy keto style or keto French toast, but that only happens about once a week. In general though I will be eating an egg omelet with vegetables.

After breakfast I started getting hungry pretty quickly and I ate lunch at about 1 o’clock. I had tuna salad with parmesan crisps. Sorry that I have no documentation for this one I gobbled it up before I took a picture not even thinking.

I wanted to go out and do something special with my kids so we decided the dog was in very much need of a bath. So to Wag and Wash we went.

We’ve only went there one other time and it was a great. At this facility you’re able to wash brush and dry your dog and leave all the hair and mess behind you.

Cute little doggie before

Leave the mess and come home with a very clean happy dog.

Cute little doggie after

We even got her a special treat for being such a good girl. She didn’t get a Christmas present this year, we normally give her a bone. So I was glad she could get a bath and special treat.

Then we came home and cleaned ourselves up. We ate a few pork rinds for a snack and some coffee

For dinner we served egg roll in a bowl. Which is a delicious Asian inspired meal.

I love it!

My evening snack before going to bed was a special treat of low carb ice cream with heavy whipping cream and sugar free vanilla syrup.

I love this for a chocolate or sweet craving just one serving size

For all those interested in the nutritional information scroll down.

That is it my friends for day 2. I felt pretty good today a little tired. I made 15,000 step today which is great. Day 3 coming soon.