Day number one of Keto

Today is the first day of keto. Trying to hold off as long as I can until breakfast.

As most of you know your weight in the morning vs. your weight in the night can differentiate between approximately 5 lb. So I weighed myself in the evening, and I also weighed myself this morning. I weighed 168.2 in the evening, and this morning when I woke up I was 163.8. I did take measurements however I wil hold off sharing that information until the end of this 30 day challenge. I’m hoping by the end of this 30 day challenge I will get back to 154 lbs.

I am using a couple of garment pieces as motivation to be able to fit them comfortably.

I meant to go shopping yesterday but by the time I cleaned out the refrigerator, the pantry, and freezer it was getting later in the day. I also had to finalize my shopping list and take of some business concerns. In the evening on Wednesday I generally go to church service. That took up my evening. So today is the day for shopping.

Breakfast finally happened at 10:45

Veggie omlete

Heading out to a few stores to go keto shopping around noon…

A few hours later our fridge is now ready for the keto challenge.

I don’t feel very hungry today. My mind is side tracked and time flies by. I skip lunch and just have a snack. 

I take my kids to the park

Then come home to prepare dinner. I’m starting to get hungry.

Keto Reuben Stromboli Recipe from i dream all day about food

I will have a snack later. Here is my food journal information about todays food.

So this is my meal plan breakdown for the day. To figure out net carbs you minus your fiber from carbs. My net carbs for the day is 32. I can get as high as about 45 net carbs and still be in ketosis. Everybody is different to how many carbs that will knock them out of ketosis. So you might experiment to figure out your own personal number. I will get keto strips soon to help me concrete the fact that I am in ketosis.

Well hope this is helpful to somebody. Good night until tomorrow…

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