Day 3 of keto

I started the morning off around 10:30 trying to make breakfast. I read a blog post where someone use the egg as a burrito and made a breakfast burrito. So I tried my hand at it here’s the end result.

Went over to visit a friend today so pre-planned lunch so this way I would have food to eat. Made salami lettuce wraps with pork rinds on the side and olives.

As the evening progressed begin to get a headache.

Got home late made a quick keto pie.

I tried to think about foods that I might be deficient in. I might be low in magnesium as I haven’t eaten a lot of high magnesium foods. So I took a magnesium supplement. Also I have been using the no salt ( potassium supplement ) in a lot of these food which doesn’t have any calories. I’ve also been using a lot of salt so I don’t think I’m deficient in either of those supplements.

We will see in the morning if the headache goes away. I think my body is finally starting to transition to fats. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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