Book Review: No Summit Out Of Sight

Title: No Summit Out Of Sight

Author: Jordan Romero with Linda Leblanc

Type of story: Biography – Inspiring

Published 2014

This book is about a boy who gets a dream at the age of 9 to climb the seven summits. Not only does he have a dream but he has parents that had the power and determination to make his dreams come true. Together Jordan, his Dad, and Karen, his dad’s girlfriend, make Jordans dream their own. With training, fundraising, and sponsors their family go out to conquer the highest mountains in each continent.

If you enjoy hiking, mountianeering, travel, or to just be inspired by someone overcoming obstacles and fears, this is a book for you. If you don’t have the capacity to climb a mountain this would still be a good book. Jordan shares his experiences and as you read, you feel like your there in the mountains with him. I sometimes would like grab a coffee or cup of tea to help me not get cold while reading. I felt I experienced other cultures and saw people living thier lives making the best of their opportunity. Jordan inspires people to go out, find their own personal Mt. Everest and conquer it. Jordan was 15 when he accomplished his dream and 13 when he climbed Everest.

5 out of 5 stars

This book is a true story and one worthy of reading. Quick easy read.

The summits jordan climbed includes

Kosciuszko in Australia 7310 ft.

Carstensz Pyramid Australia (Indonesia) 16,024 ft

Vinson Antarctica 16,050 ft

Elbrus (Europe) Russia 18,510

Kilimanjaro(Africa) Tanzania 19, 341 ft

Aconcagua (South America) Argentina 22, 837 ft

Everest (Asia) Nepal 29,029 ft

Here are two people I learned about while seeking my own personal research.

Kami Rita sherpa holds the most everest summit in a life time. Climbing Everest 24 times so far and breaking the record in 2018.

The record for the youngest climber was Jordan, however in 2014 a new record was set by Poorna Malavath. She beat him by one month. She was 13 years 10 months while he was 13 years and 11 months. She is from India.

Cool thing about Mt. Everest you can see the curvature of the Earth on the top.

If you have read this book share what you thought about it. If not share a title of an inspiring book that you have read.