Apps to use for keto and dinner menu meal plan

A few days in counting before I challenge myself to a keto diet… trying to prep my mind.

Mindset is everything! 

My keto tool arsenal.

Most people have their own personal apps that they use to help them with their daily tasks, but if you don’t this post may be helpful.

For my diet journaling I will be using the Lose it app.

Here I will keep track in the beginning of only my marcos until I get fat adapted. My calories will be shown. I will only be paying attention to the marco count. I will shoot for about 70% fat, 20% protein and 10% carbs. 

Now some may struggle with this process. It can be hard to see a day where you ate 3,265 calories. Your telling yourself I’m on a diet. This can’t be. Like I said  in the beginning we want to stay satiated. That is a top priority right now. So if I am staying in the 45 net carbs, my macro percentages are right then I am not going to pay attention to calories. We will only be eating this way for about one week. Everyone’s time to get fat adapted is different. My husband took a little over 2 weeks and I get fat adapted fairly quickly. I take about 5 – 7 days. Don’t get caught up in the right now trust the process.

Another app I will be using is, the copy me that app. The copy me that app is wonderful. It helps me to create a menu and generates a shopping list.

This app makes my life easier and also helps me save money. I usually will find recipes online through the app and then copy them to the copy me that app. Lastly I will create a meal plan each day. I will then put those meals unto a shopping grocery list. I check cabinets for items I already have. Now I can go shopping and only get what I need.

The third app i will be using which is completely optional. Is a Fitbit. I got it for Christmas therefore I will use it to track daily activity and calories. This has nothing to do with keto but I might refer to it on occasion. That is why I mentioned it. I will be trying each day to accomplish at least 10,000 steps.

For those that are busy like myself, having these apps. can be the difference in success or failure. 

My menu upcoming menu plan

This cover the first half of the month there will be another post as we get further in the month. Lunch and breakfast are not listed. Most day will be a veggie omlete for breakfast and lunches will be lettuce wraps, low carb wraps, salami and cheese, cheese crackers with tuna salad, chicken salad, and pork rind with guacamole.

Stay tuned more to come.

2 thoughts on “Apps to use for keto and dinner menu meal plan”

  1. Such helpful info. I really like the lose it app. The MyFitnessPal is a good one too, but I really like the lose it layout a bit more. It’s a matter of preference I guess. I have personally found some inconsistencies using both apps, but hey! Nothing is exact/ perfect. I guess he point of it is just to TRACK! You become way more aware of what you put in your body when you have a tracking tool. Accountability is another ESSENTIAL tool I feel is very important. For all you extroverts this is very easy, but you introverts need to force yourself to have at least 1 way to be held accountable. It’s very easy to lie to yourself…. Do yourself a favor- GET REAL!!!!

    1. Tracking food intake can be a good way for anyone to help themselves be accountable, and since you can’t cheat on the keto diet keeping track of all the food you eat and how many carbs you are actually getting is extremely important. Eating 100 net carbs mat be low carb but it is not keto. If you want to do a low carb diet thats great it is still healthier then the alternative but it is not keto, its low carb. Keto means your putting your body into a state of ketosis and you are forcing your body to constist off of solely fat. Low carb doesn’t do that.

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